This Minecraft Mod Adds Target Dummies –

The process is extremely simple. However, the attention to detail is incredible. There is more information in the video.

This mod is called the Target Dummy mod adds but one item. The item that is targeted dummy to nobody’s surprise. It is possible to be amazed by how interesting this piece of equipment is. It’s made from haybale on an armor stand. The dummy can then be equipped with various armors and even mob heads. It’s not intended for more than just ornamentation. The value of damage for the armor stand can be seen when you touch the dummy you want to target with an object or weapon. This is greater than the normal damage for your weapon. It is this damage value as modified by the armor and mob head that is shown. such as, an armour that provides shields will reduce the attack value displayed. Meanwhile, a sword with the bane of arthropods enchantment is more damaging to the target dummy if the victim dummy wears a spider head. This is not a matter of science since the Dummy doesn’t have durability. You can slap it repeatedly as often as you wish!


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