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Continue reading if you are seeking a job that is 9-5. YouTube’s “Contact Center Recruitment 2018- Roadside Assistance Representative” demonstrates how to enter into the roadside assistance field and how you can get there. Find out more.
It could be the ideal career path for you, if you are able to be at home for up to 25 hours per semaine. In the end, it’s an excellent side-job where you can earn some extra cash each month. Roadside assistance services get constant phone calls from individuals all over the United States as well as Canada who have concerns about moving and transporting their items.
You will be an assistant and answer a lot of calls. However, most often it is caused by flat tires, battery problems, or any different issues. These are because the clients feel stressed. They’re moving homes and want to finish their work without leaving anything behind. Sometimes, they might have not turned off the radio or neglected to verify something so they’re not able to move without assistance. In some cases, they might have lost their keys. Your task is to find a solution.
For additional information regarding roadside assistance, you can view the remainder of the video.

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