Should You Buy a Current Dental Office for Sale? – Freelance Weekly

Dental office available that is available for purchase or to build an entirely new dental practice. While building a practice from scratch can be attractive and exciting, it can be comforting to buy an established practice that has a client base, especially as many of the dentists who are older approach retirement age.

This is an essential aspect to consider when creating your budget. If you are budgeting for the purchase of an existing practice, make sure to plan for 3-7 times what the practice’s worth in terms of EBITDA (a measure of the flow of cash).

After arriving at the practice’s valuation, the dentist will need to be mindful that some of the practices existing patients may leave for a variety of reasons, whether it was because they enjoyed the dentist , or simply didn’t want to see a different dentist at the same practice. Some leave because they want to change places from where their families go to.

It’s great to purchase dental practices and open it with some cash flow. The easiest way to locate the right practice to sell is to find a broker with a practice per sale. Although it can be difficult to acquire a practice that is established however, there are plenty of real possibilities.


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