What Is Biodegradation? – WORLD GLOBAL NEWS

process of breaking down organic matter by bacteria, fungi, or any other microorganisms. It is crucial because it aids in the recycling of materials and also remove harmful substances from our environment. Biodegradation also helps make new soils, enhance the water’s quality and generate renewable energy sources like biofuels. This article will highlight several benefits of biodegradation , as well as how you can use it for environmental improvement.
Use of biodegradation

There are many different ways biodegradation can be used. It’s utilized in sewage treatment in order to eliminate pollutants from the wastewater. It is also used in making compost, which is an organic fertilizer. Biodegradation is also used to remove oil spills and other environmental contaminants.

How to Engineer Them in Systems

Many microorganisms are suitable to degrade biomaterials, based on the type of contamination. Microorganisms may be engineered to degrade specific types of contaminants.

It is a good bioremediation option.

Biodegradation can be used for bioremediation. It involves the use of living organisms for the purpose of removing pollution from the environment. It is usually used for spills from oil when bacteria can be employed to consume the oil and then convert it to non-toxic substance.


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