What You Didnt Know About Personal Injury Law – Community Legal Services

process in a YouTube video that is titled “How an Personal Injury Lawsuit is Made: Step 1.”

First, there is the pre-litigation phase or also known as the investigation process. This stage requires extensive investigation on the part of the law firm for personal injuries in order to gather all relevant information regarding the accident and the client’s medical condition. Additionally, they interview the client in order to find out the impact of the accident and whether they’ve medical records, if they’ve suffered from loss of wages and the state of their health, as well as complete questions that they could consult.

A letter of representation was also delivered by the law firm to the parties involved. In the event of a car accident and the law firm contacts insurance firms, since they’re responsible for settling claims. All medical records, test results, diagnostic results and costs are that are required to file a suit must be filed.

It is possible to use the investigation to determine if the case is a matter of fact or a settlement.


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