How Asphalt is Made – Car Talk Credits

Our roads. It has many different advantages which make it the most suitable alternative. In this article, we will take a closely at asphalt in this article.

Asphalt is mostly composed of sand and stone that is joined with a liquid that glues the stones. It’s possible that the type of stone used will vary between different locations. It is due to the fact that in the manufacturing of asphalt the stone utilized can be any type of stone it is, in other words, there is no difference.

The asphalt used in roads since it is made of layers. It is possible to see bigger pieces of rock within the lower layers. As you make your way up to the top the stones will shrink. This is because asphalt is more porous. The smaller stones placed at the very top of the asphalt reduce the possibility of water or cracks entering.

Asphalt is an essential component of the creation of roadways. It’s made by using a variety of stones, which are joined to ensure safe transportation.


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