What Are the Benefits of Clear Aligners? – Dental Hygiene Association

Clear aligners can be a great option if you’re unhappy with your smile. It is possible that you have received braces at one point, but you felt that they were not right. If so then read on to know something more about how clear aligners can benefit you.

The only requirement is to secure dentures to the teeth. They can be removed and consumed as you like. You just have to clean your teeth prior to putting your aligners in. There’s no way to discern the alignments unless you examine them closely.

The aligners should be used throughout the day and night for a maximum of four hours, and only after that you’re permitted to remove them. This is when you should have food and drinks that don’t contain water. While it may seem to be an enormous commitment it’s actually quite effective! As long as you follow the guidelines of your aligners, it is likely that you’ll see an improvement within your smile.

Consult your dentist regarding the alternatives for aligning your tooth during your next visit. They can recommend the best option for your needs. The video below will provide more information about aligners.


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