What Is a C14 to C15 Power Adapter? – Daily Inbox

The power adapter is able to be employed at your house as well as in your office. The video below will demonstrate how simple it is to make use of this adapter for cabling projects, no matter where they’re situated.

This adapter is C14-to C15 and has the IEC C14 connector, and one IEC C15 plug on the other side. This is because you can connect anything to it or utilize it to plug into an outlet. The adapter shown is rated for 15 amps and 250 volts. So, make sure to ensure you are not surpassing 250 volts by applying this. If you’ve got C13 or C15 cables to change, this adapter can help. C13 or C15 cable that you want to switch or switch, this adapter will be able to accomplish the job. C14-C15 power adapter is a great solution for cables, as I’ve already mentioned. Go through the whole video to get a look at this adapter and see how to use it.


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