Understanding How Concrete Slabs Are Poured – Culture Forum


One way of creating space is to build an concrete slab. You can learn how concrete slabs are poured to help you decide whether the idea of a concrete slab is the best option for you.

First, determine the area in which you’d like to pour concrete. After you have determined the area, you can prepare it by flattening the area. Additionally, remove obstructions or dirt from the area. It is easier to use flat surfaces if there is one.

The next step is to set the forms up. Forms allow concrete to be poured to the desired dimensions and also prevent it from spreading through other parts of the house. It is possible to create forms using 2-by-4 pieces which are cut to lengths you prefer. If the concrete is poured within the vicinity of your home it is not necessary to use the fourth piece of two-by-4 that can be used as a mold in the sense that the edge of your home could be used.

The accompanying video gives additional details about how to pour concrete slabs.


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