Most Terrifying Roofing Incidents Ever Recorded on Camera – The Film Frame

ly difficult and dangerous. This video will teach you the speed at which a roofing job will fail.

One particular clip shows how hazardous snow can be. The effects of snow storms on visibility and surfaces can cause them to become slippery. Roofers who are working on steep slopes that are high above ground can be at a particular danger. It’s a wise method to not work in those conditions. Many choose to continue. The clip shows of a person falling off the roof after they step on a patch of snow and ice. He falls several stories before hitting the floor. The guy appears to be fine due to the thick layers of clothing and snow that he hit. Another video depicts people using picks to take snow from roofs. One wrong swing can take the entire sheet of snow flying over the roof. It takes them with it and then they fall to the ground with a massive accumulation of snow. Luckily, the snow saved them from sever wounds.


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