What to Know When Purchasing Diamond Jewelry – Black Friday Video

The diamonds you buy will last a lifetime. The characteristics of various diamonds even if you’re not a professional jeweler. The Gemological Institute of America provides four qualities that each diamond is characterized by the clarity, color, and cut.

These characteristics are often described as “The Four C’s” which are used to judge the quality of diamonds. The international diamond grading system is also developed by GIA. The process is independent and thoroughly evaluated.

The first step is to determine whether a diamond is real or lab-grown. In the next step, color is assessed. Higher grades are awarded to diamonds with lower than a certain color. Graders then look for inclusions and blemishes, to determine a diamond’s clarity. The information video below will give additional details on the procedure of the process of grading diamonds.

A skilled jeweler will be able to assist in the event that you’re lost in the search for that ideal diamond. You’ll be able to find them accommodating and eager to assist you. 6dyi3bvvhm.

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